Monday, June 14, 2004

"It's just one of those days..." (Limp Bizkit)

Woke up today with a mother of a hangover, and i don't even drink. That's what happens when you sit up late night watching Cowboy Bebop when it's just been downloaded. Then again, it was worth it, I liked it, nice anime. Plan to get the rest of the episodes too.
A lame attempt at catching up on sleep in the car (it's nice being driven to work) , and most of the day spent in unravelling the mysteries of the LDAP protocol (sounds super geeky right? Relatively speaking, it is)

Didn't have much success though...wading through stuff like dn=somename,ou=someothername when the blood in your caffeine supply...i mean the other way round... is low.
And the coffee here sucks. When someone is accustomed to fresh south indian coffee...a crappy Nescafe dispenser that serves boiled saccharined water masquerading as the real stuff does little justice.

Fresh mango juice on a hot day is your friend! Especially when it's got yummy raisins and other tasty bits on the top.


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