Monday, June 14, 2004

Headbanging and driving up the wall...of sanity

Sometime ago, I discovered a hidden appetite for the whole heavy metal/techno know, wailing high pitched guitar that would give a bat a monster headache, thumping, cardiac fibrillation inducing bass, and best of all...a sultry female lead instead of the mandatory 'I've-stepped-on-a-thumbtack' level of screaming that usually accompanies such numbers. The band I'm talking about is Kidney Thieves, an industrial rock/heavy metal band, whose vocalist, Free Dominguez (that's her name) totally rulez.
The tracks I liked best are 'Zerospace', 'Black bullet' and 'Before i'm dead'
I recently got a set of large headphones, the kind that let you enjoy a nice cerebral haemorrhage without being interrupted by mundane things like thermonuclear explosions.
Now it's Zion...the techno track that the, humans in the 'real' world jive to in anticipation of the locust swarm of squiddies that's about to attack them in 'Matrix Reloaded'

The one other thing that I truly enjoy is being a road much as I can in my geriatric Zen (Suzuki 0.8 L compact front wheel drive, for the uninititated). Ph3aR mE when I'm driving this grandma around 10 pm however...I've made her climax in ways she couldn't dream of (now don't quote me out of context :-) )
Usually my favorite driving position is with any of the following blasting out of the already worn out speakers : Prodigy, U2, Enigma (MCMxC a.D) and Robert Miles. (Princess of Light is great to drive to.)

A lot of amateur music in non MP3 formats is great..check out the mod archive. Look out for IsoToxin by Necros...the track was used in one of the maps of the original Unreal Tournament.

If I could only get Kidney Thieves on cassettes....I'll probably be unable to see traffic signals properly on account of the red shift.
Einstein would be proud. Schumi, dream on ;-)


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